The Travels of Ching Limited Edition

Children's Books

By Robert Bright

Publisher : Denio Press, LLC

ABOUT Robert Bright

Robert Bright
I am reviving the children's books of my grandfather, Robert Bright.


In the land of China a doll maker made a little doll. The doll's name was Ching. Ching was made with the best stuffing and the best glue and the best thread. He was sent to America to a little girl who already had too many toys. Here is the story of Ching and his travels from the mountains of China to big city penthouses and his search for someone who wants him. Limited Edition 2090 copies.

I found an old tattered copy of The Travels of Ching on my father's bookshelf. The pages were worn and brown with age. It was originally published in 1943. I decided then and there to revive this little book and share it with a whole new generation of children.

In brief text and amusing line drawings with a dash of red the story is told of a Chinese doll that was made in China, travelled all the way to America, was discarded by various people who didn't want him, and finally travelled all the way back again to the little Chinese girl who did want him. It has a nice quality, (and no perceptible purpose, which is sometimes a relief). And it is a good story.