ABOUT Jeremy Elder

Jeremy Elder
I am a 29 year old author from Southern Caifornia. I began writing in the fifth grade and won many state and national writing awards. After returning home from the United States Army I published my first book in 2008, The Topics of Heroes, that went on to sell over 5,000 copies. Theindepen More...



Braile Patrick wrote a controversial novella about a wild night he had five years ago with his close friends. Since then the book has gone on to sell over 1 million copies and his friends are coming out to celebrate. But not everyone is excited for him. Not everyone was happy with the way that they were represented in his book and a dangerous and deadly obsession has invaded his life from a friend of his past. After assaulting him in the past and stalking his new family, Braile is running out of legal options to make this fan go away. On the night he is meant to celebrate his books milestone, his world, past present and future, will collide in a fatal evening he could have never expected.