ABOUT Brian T. Seifrit

Brian T. Seifrit
I grew up on a small hobby farm outside of Fruitvale BC. I am a six-time small press published author. Recently I had the good fortune of selling the movie rights from one of my books titled “Absolute Anger”. In September 1988-December-1989, I attended Columbia Academy of Radio, Televi More...


Inheriting a cattle ranch called the Double-U from a great Uncle in 1825. The Vanfells begin a treacherous journey across the Rocky Mountains. Plagued with tempestuous weather and illness, they made temporary shelters and hoped the weather and their luck would change but they are held hostage by the elements and the family diminishes to eight...

The Vanfells inherited a ranch and start across the Rocky Mountains to begin their lives there.  In the beginning there were 15 of them, but illness, diseases, treacherous weather and unforeseen difficulties, dwindled their numbers as they continued on.  They lived in a cave for a while and lost their horses from an unforeseen force, thinking all the while it was coyotes. They meet with some Indians and continued to survive. Follow the Vanfells through a deluge of welcoming territories, and horrendous struggles and hardships to survive and find what they sought.

   ‘Bloodlines’ by author Brian T Seifrit is an exciting, could not put down, adventure story.  I highly recommend ‘Bloodlines’ to those interested in the wild territories of years ago. I give this epic adventure a five star rating and if I could give more I would!

Reviewer: Anastasia