Absolute Anger

Absolute Anger

ABOUT Brian T. Seifrit

Brian T. Seifrit
I grew up on a small hobby farm outside of Fruitvale BC. I am a six-time small press published author. Recently I had the good fortune of selling the movie rights from one of my books titled “Absolute Anger”. In September 1988-December-1989, I attended Columbia Academy of Radio, Televi More...


An edge of your seat killer thriller, really.

In Fruitmont, someone literally appears to be out for blood. Each murder victim found has been mutilated and drained of blood. Henderson & Co., PI Agency sends out Detective O’Brien to piece together the case, but with such a strange case and even stranger clues, there are more theories than answers.

 I thought this was an interesting story worthy of some of the better crime shows on television. Overall, the storyline is great and the mystery will keep readers turning page after page.

Reviewer: Sunshine