Smiles Love and Colors for Max

ABOUT Sharon Lee Hobbs

Sharon Lee Hobbs
Just a little about me ~ I love meeting people. I love dream catchers and I love to write. That has been my dream along my lifes journey. Although it seems to change constantly. God is leading me down paths I would have never gone. Some could be writing for┬áthose who need some inspiration More...


Mine and so many other's love for Max made me think how much he loved children. This is a special coloring book in memory of "My Buddy Max" A special coloring book dedicated to a child who loves to smile and loves to color. A special coloring book to help put a smile on a child's face who may be going through a difficult time. Max gave so much love during his lifetime. He had a way of making you smile even if you didn't want to. I am giving back what Max gave me. Love and smiles every day! Thank you again to Jessica and Luke for your love and inspiration. Thank you Roger for helping me with this beautiful idea. This special coloring book will be donated to children who are struggling with cancer and are in the hospital. There are so many children who could benefit from some love, smiles and some color in their life. If I can give that to a few then I know I have been blessed beyond words. If you have a child or know a child with a special need and you think this coloring book may help put a smile on their face, please send me a message. From my hearts to yours, always with love and blessings! Sharon