The Firestone Crystal

ABOUT Linda David

Linda David
I was born in Cyprus in 1967 to parents who both hail from the Caribbean island of Nevis, and have also lived in Germany as well as St Kitts and Nevis in the West Indies. I have always enjoyed reading and was encouraged to do so from a very early age, and that is partly what inspired me More...


Agathea Fulstropp is looking forward to a luxury break in the Caribbean with her parents, but is livid when they announce that the trip has to be cancelled due to work commitments!  So instead of spending six weeks sunning herself on a tropical beach, Thea – as she insists on being called – finds herself unceremoniously packed up, and sent off to stay with a grandfather she barely knows for the entire summer!  But it turns out to be the best summer of her life when her grandfather has a strange reunion with a mysterious childhood friend, and she is given the opportunity of a lifetime.

To visit a world beyond the stars, and become Earth’s first student to be enrolled in an experimental Inter-Planetary Education Programme at the Firestone Academy, where lessons in telepathy, mind-reading and astral projection are the norm.

Things, however, are not as straightforward as they seem.  One of her fellow students makes no secret of the fact that he despises her, and will stop at nothing to make her leave…she is having increasingly disturbing, vivid dreams…and just who is that hideously deformed cave creature, and more to the point, what does it want with her?

The idea for the book, The Firestone Crystal, came about 10 years ago when I was on maternity leave, and started off as a short story that I would be able to read to my children when they were older. It continued to grow as I occasionally added a chapter here and there as the years went by, eventually turning into full-length novel. I have always enjoyed reading and was encouraged to do so from a very early age, and that is partly what inspired me to write. Even today, I can remember the excitement and wonder I used to experience as a child when reading fantasy and adventure stories, and I hope that through my writing, I will be able to inspire and encourage other children's interest and pleasure in reading as well.

"I really enjoyed  the characters and reading about life at the Academy...I liked how Ms. David kept me guessing who the bad guy was (I can usually figure out what the ending will be in books, but not in this one)." -


"This book is basically Harry Potter in space.  Actually, this a really good thing: it's such a fun concept, you wish you'd thought of it yourself...Linda David has also imitated the Harry Potter model in mixing humour with a thrilling plot (involving dark matter and an attempt to control the universe), and, ends with a great, Rowling-esque twist...this is a joyous piece of sci-fi escapism with an important message about racial tolerance at its heart." -