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Under hypnosis, six-year-old Jack Huntington tells his psychiatrist the dark unsolved tale of Jack the Ripper's 19th century murders. Such details are given, that Dr. Philips begins to believe that his patient might be the Ripper himself in another life. When the boy fails to give him any information that would reveal the identity of the White Chapel killer, Dr. Philips ridicules himself for having thought the impossible.

Years after killing his sisters in a sleepwalking state, Jack is claimed normal and able to re-enter the real world. He is released from the mental institution to start a new life, but slowly starts to act upon his killer instincts and begins to remember events that happened over one hundred years ago.

Jack is ready for new games!

My boss ended up reading this book and was highly disturbed.  She said that she could not believe that somebody so innocent looking could write such horror.  She admitted to having skipped some parts because of the gore (and she used to read Steven King novels).  However, she did enjoy reading my novel and resommended it to others.  

My co-worker wrote an article about me and this book, which was published in The Suburban's online magazine (March 29 2013 issue, page 19)http://www.thesuburban.com/article.php?id=1232&title=A-Self-published-Novelist-In-Our-Midst

Comment posted by reader Chrysal on my Facebook novel page:

Bloody details and a chase for recognition will keep you awake or follow you into your dreams... if you dare read the book,, mouhahaha...https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=327359027386813&id=341568232621583&comment_id=1485557&offset=0&total_comments=1&notif_t=share_comment


I got other positive feedback on this book in my personal inbox or Facebook a while back, but eventually deleted the messages.