Survivalist by Circumstance - Novel One

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Cheryl Cholley
"...and so," you ask, "who are you?" It's a hard question to answer, but I'll give it a try. I'm a native of the earth. Tom (my husband) and I have had the pleasure of visiting many countries. Of all the countries I've been to, India is my favorite. Camel carts, and tea More...



Part One of an open-ended series. SURVIVALIST BY CIRCUMSTANCE - Novel One is finally available!


Darrell's life is about to change. Once a high-flying stockbroker at a prestigious brokerage in San Francisco, Darrell suddenly finds himself without a job and without options. Or so it may seem!

The economy has tanked, prices are rising and Darrell has exhausted every avenue in his search for a new job. But that's where things start to get interesting.

Darrell announces to his family that he intends to sell the house and move his family to Santa Fe where he will become a rancher on his own plot of land.

And thus begins the adventure for this little family. They're destined to become Survivalists, whether they know it or not.

Meet the cast:

* Mallory: Darrell's emerald-eyed wife of sixteen years. Mallory jumps at Darrell's suggestion. She immediately begins a job search at the local hospitals in Santa Fe where her nursing skills are much needed and highly prized.
* Preston: Darrell and Mallory's teenage son. He's not the least bit happy about the move.
* Gemma: Preston's sister. Angry about losing her daily shopping trips with her grandma. Not too keen on moving either.
* Rick: Darrell's zany and personable best friend. Also Darrell and Mallory's next-door neighbor. Also...not too keen on Darrell's decision to move.
* Karryn: Rick's ditzy brunette girlfriend who'd rather be shopping for shoes.
* Calvin: After the move, Calvin is one of the new neighbors. Trouble waiting to happen, this diminutive nuisance causes headaches whenever he's around.

This popular series has been published in short Episodes over a period of months. See what the reviewers have to say:

"I usually hate reading serials but this one caught my eye because of my previous enjoyment of this author's work... I will not be able to stop myself from grabbing each new installment as it becomes available. Bravo!"

"I also went out and bought the second one too - dang you Ms Cholley for getting me hooked!"

"Waiting for each new installment in this series is like watching the clock and hoping Santa will be here soon."

From the Author:
This story just keeps getting better! When I began writing, the characters just jumped out at me and promised me a wild ride. They're definitely keeping their word. I've read your reviews and I love them, each and every one. I know it's hard to wait for each new episode to come out, but this is your chance to take a grab at the golden ring. The first seven Episodes are here in one book. Read and enjoy!

What others are saying:

Five Stars: "I've read all the volumes and enjoy each one. The price is right for the size."

Five Stars: "I am looking forward to the next installment, and can't wait to see where she takes us."

Five Stars: "This story really has me on pins and needles as we see the first shape of things to come."

Five Stars: "The author is a master at gradually building the tension to a boiling point, and by now as a reader I feel fully invested in these characters."

"I am in the middle of the series and can hardly wait for the next episode."

Five Stars: " ... leaves you waiting for the other shoe to drop."

" this story...want more please. The characters are well defined and well written. My only complaint is like all serial series is the interruption in the story and having to wait for the next serial to be published."

Five Stars: "Society is in the pressure cooker, and clearly set to quickly explode even as everyday life struggles along to maintain some sense of normalcy. The author does a great job of building this tension without resorting to Mad Max tactics, but anyone reading this series can tell that the wheels are about to come off."

"I recommend spending a little time with Mallory, Darrell, Rick and the rest of the group today!"