OceanView: Short stories of rescue

General Fiction

By Grayson Michaels

Publisher : Rayven Scriptures Publishing LLC

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Grayson Michaels
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The setting of this book is in a small town of OceanView, California. The book deals with the lives both professional and personal of the Firefighters,EMTs, and Police Officers that work there. Amongst dealing with everyone's personalities they also deal with there jobs which at times can take an emotional and even traumatic toll on them. This book has a little bit of romance, action, suspense, comedy, and even a little bit of tradgey in it. Above is Chapter 1 for OceanView for you to sample. For people who like a high intensity, and being drawn into stories, then I would suggest this book for you!

Not everyone can say that their job has the same thing happen twice. Nor can anyone say that with their job they saved someone's life today. For the brave Firefighters, EMS, and Police of OceanView, California they can attest to this very fact. The brave men and women of this city plunge into the absolute chaos of 30,000 people everyday they put their badge on in the morning until they take it off that night. Flashing lights in the night indicate more than just them doing their job; it also shows proven courage, dedication to their fellow man, and that not everyone was created equal. Some heroes just don't have their wings visible. Every pulse-pounding call they receive on the radio, to the stopping of complete strangers in the worst parts of town. Feel you have the nerve to rid with some of the bravest? Then put on your duty boots, and your pants...it's about to get hot in OceanView tonight!