Dancing on the Inside

ABOUT Glen C. Strathy

Glen C. Strathy
Glen C. Strathy started writing stories when he was 11 years old and too shy to have a life. He eventually found a life when he started acting in community theatre and met other writers, actors, dancers, and artists. He discovered that the best thing about performing arts (and other arts t More...


2013 IndieFab Awards - Honorable Mention

Gold Medal, 2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards

2011 Reader Views Reviewers Choice Award

"This story written for 'Tweens' is so good that it will transcend that age group. The story plot seems deceptively simple, but it unfurls with complexity. And Jenny is a character you can take into your heart. One that is vulnerable and shackled by her shyness, but who struggles to stay close to the thing she loves most...any way she can. Overcoming pride, guilt, and inadequacy, she moves painstakingly toward her goal. This is my first read by author Glen C. Strathy and I highly recommend his style and voice. His ability to get inside the head and heart of his young subject, Jenny, is a spark of pure talent, with just a sprinkle of magical insight. BE SURE TO PUT THIS ONE ON YOUR CHILD'S READING SHELF." - Lynda Coker, Review from Here

Summary: Sidelined by a paralyzing anxiety, a twelve-year-old girl uses determination and friendship to pursue her dream of becoming a ballet dancer in this uplifting middle-grade novel.

"An excellent story for the young girl reader. The story is about ballet and what it means to love to dance, friendship, rivalry - a big part in any dance class - and doing what you love..."-- awolfe at LibraryThing

"Wow what an amazing book ! I love anything to do with Ballet but this book went beyond that. I loved Jenny and could really relate to her but her friend Ara was the amazing one in this book too who supported her friend and helped her to overcome obstacles. Can't give to much info here or it will spoil it for others. All I can say is this is a book that most people should read!"
- Jane(Janelba) on Goodreads

"Dancing on the Inside is a fine and very much recommended read for younger readers who may be facing stage fright themselves."