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working title 2


L. Yara
  xxxx Author L Yar  studied Master Fiction with Rick Moody for two weeks and Advanced Fiction with Nicholas Delbanco and Kathryn Harrison during a month-long writing residency at the New York State Writers Institute.  In addition, she studied fiction writing with Catherine Texier at  More...



island of cards  takes place in the French Quarter of New Orleans during a period of international turmoil—the French, Haitian and American Revolutions—the story follows friendships and betrayals between a black slave (Zuléma), a French-Créole girl (Marie), and the pirate (Jean Lafitte).
Within a dreamlike tale of deceit, betrayal, deception and rebirth, the transformation of the lives of two young women is presented against the backdrop of the transformation of the North American culture and its geopolitical map. 

The novel outlines a formative structure for cultural and socio-racial dynamics in the American South, while posing questions of theology—contrasting European Catholicism with Caribbean Vaudau—and assertions of fate and destiny within the microcosm of the village of New Orleans, set during the pre-American and highly-political eighteenth century colonial era.

Meticulously researched, 'island of cards' adds to our understanding of the American South while carving and dicing the accepted provenance of colonial Louisiana. The novel ends in 1803, after a three-year covert treaty retroceding Louisiana from the Spanish back to the French in advance of the Louisiana Purchase. The primary other fiction of eighteenth century Louisiana is the poem: 'Evangeline 'by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.