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ABOUT Wendy Furse

Wendy Furse
My name is Magenta Black and I am a author. I started writing poetry in my youth, and I always knew I had a story to tell. I grew up in an abusive childhood. I was physically, sexually and emtionally abused by my father for years. I would talk to the clouds that I named (God) and ask Him t More...



Magenta is the youngest of the eleven children. She is the baby of the family, but not the normal spoiled brat baby. No special treatments were given to the youngest in this family. She lived her life as the vibrant young child excited about starting school for the first time. After the death of Magenta's sister Thumbelina, Magenta's world starts to change. She was cared for by her sister/mama, Wilma. Wilma was older than everyone except Bear. She was the housekeeper, cook, and she would lay down punishments if the younger children misbehaved. Magenta notices that things were not quite right at home. Their daddy whipped them and he beat their mama too, no one was spared. Her trust is shattered when she realizes that her daddy, who is supposed to love and protect her, has crossed the line as his filthy words play over and over in her head, "I did this to your sisters Thumbelina and Wilma." Magenta cries and asks her cloud (GOD) why. Why had no one told her about the love? she didn't want this kind of love from him. Magenta hides trying to figure out ways to kill the monster her daddy has become. She steals away to hide. As he walks and looks her, Magenta peeks from her hiding place, the Well. She vows to take the whippings as punishment for her not allowing him to have his way with her.