My Best Friend and Heaven

ABOUT Sharon Lee Hobbs

Sharon Lee Hobbs
Just a little about me ~ I love meeting people. I love dream catchers and I love to write. That has been my dream along my lifes journey. Although it seems to change constantly. God is leading me down paths I would have never gone. Some could be writing for┬áthose who need some inspiration More...


A dear friend asked me to write a book about what heaven may be like in the eyes of a child. Her son, who is very close to my heart isn't quite understanding heaven. Is there really a correct way to help them? After talking to a few children and some friends, I believe I found the right words. So, I put it into a story. A young boy and girl become "best friends". They do and share everything together. Then something happens that changes everything. The young boy goes on to tell his story. Even at a young age his faith gets him through, all out of love.