Tales of the Booga Dooga Land - Pickwick's Plan Special Low Price Edition (Volume 1)

Children's Books

By Deepak Menon

Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 14, 2012)

ABOUT Deepak Menon

Deepak Menon
http://www.lovelaughter.net/ QUOTING FROM THE TIMES OF INDIA - JANUARY 2013 :-  Deepak Menon, a banker with a difference,left his job as a senior officer in a commercial bank in India, a year ago, to write stories to delight and gladden the hearts of adults and children alike. He narrat More...


CHEERS!!!! CELEBRATIONS! Pickwick's Plan is now one of the WINNERS in the 2013 Readers Favorite Book Award cONTEST in the 'Children's Books - Fable' Genre.

This book started out as a Bedtime story, told by me to my little children around the year 1992-93, and remained in limbo until finally, I decided to retire very early from my profession as a senior bank officer to get these "Family Read Together" books published.

It is my belief that the books will be loved for generations by young and old alike!. Pickwick's Plan begins with a Little Pixie Town on the edge of the enchanted Great Booga Dooga Forest near the Great Booga Dooga Lake in the enchanted Booga Dooga Land and revolve around the life and adventures of one of the smallest Pixies, Pickwick. The story was told chapter by chapter to my little children and evolved in its telling - there was the magic of playing with the words of the English language, and the emergence of different beings like the 'Knock', the 'OctoDoll', the amazing 'Emperor Angelfish' and others, who have made the book a unique "Family Read Together" experience. Every line is original and every episode opens out new vistas. Another of the Tales of the Booga Dooga Land, 'The Wormus', AND  "The Horus" have been published  followed by 3 more 5 Starr books in hte categories of Poetry and Science Fiction.

Deepak Menon New Delhi

Book Review
Reviewed by Tara Fairfield for Readers' Favorite - 5 STARS

"Pickswicks Plan" is a charming children's fable introducing the reader to Pickwick, a tiny pixie who gets an idea from the IdeaRoolus Blick and goes on an adventure with OctoDoll and the Emperor Angelfish to rescue their friend, Goodful. Along the way problems arise and they make new friends such as Harky the shark. Each character’s introduction moves the story forward nicely. All this takes place in Pixie Town, a land filled with imagination and wonders for the reader to discover! 

This enchanting story will entertain children and adults alike. In a land where smiles tame sharks and villains are defeated by laughter, the author weaves a positive message with humor and fun. I couldn’t help but smile as I read this story! I especially enjoyed the illustrations, which are creative and colorful and enrich the overall entertainment value of the narrative. The character names and concepts are witty and fun, like Gubber Nodder who nods with a mouth filled with chocolate syrup that might splatter or the Prock, a bird that barks to wake everyone up. Lovers of fables and fairy tales will want to pick this up. I look forward to reading more of Pickwick's adventures and recommend it to parents looking for refreshing new stories to read to their children! My favorite quote from the book: “The amazing thing about a smile is that, once you wear a smile, the darkness lightens, and one does not feel frightened or sad anymore!”