Hell is Where the Heart is (The Structure Chronicles)

ABOUT Denise M. Main

Denise M. Main
I love writing! And I'm lucky that two of my books have been published and a third has been accepted by my publisher World Castle Publishing which is good since its part of a series, the 'Structure Chronicles'! I was born in Yorkshire, England, in a town where EmilyBronte was a governess  More...



We left feather-phobic demon Azarial inadvertently breaking rules by helping her Nightchild friend, Kalesh, through his coming-of-age, and trying to come to terms with her Mom being a Fallen Archangel.

Still wanting to find out her Father’s identity, Azarial, and her sidekick Tonk the imp, battle Harpies, encounter Cupid, meet the Creator and even endure a trip into Prime Lord Jarath’s mind. But worst of all...

Well, to find out what that can be, you’ll have to join her and her friends in the next episode of Azarial’s story – Hell is Where the Heart is.

Will she finally find her Father?

Will Kalesh become a Stealer of souls?

Can she find the reason why the people she loves have turned away from her?

Will she be successful in an attempt to get back at them for rejecting her?

Only time, and a little magic, will tell.

WARNING: Contains scenes of a sexual nature. For over eighteens only.