What Do You Do with Your Hands at Night?

ABOUT Daisy Cromwell

Daisy Cromwell
Having been raised on a cotton, corn and tobacco farm near Smithfield,NC, I learned the value of hard work. Not only does it bear fruit but it also brings joy, plus the fact that getting your hands in the soil is very theraputic. When I became an "empty nester", I went into real  More...



Have you ever gone to sleep at night with your hands in one position, woke up with them in a totally different position, and wondered how they got there? This rhyming children’s bedtime story asks very important questions that will start young minds thinking. This delightful book will provide young children many happy moments before going to bed, as they decide what they will do with their little hands at night. Daisy Cromwell was raised on a cotton, corn and tobacco farm near Smithfield, NC. After college and her marriage, she moved to Wilmington, NC, where she resided for 45 years. After 26 years in real estate, she retired to the beautiful mountains of southwestern Virginia where she is matron of Bethlehem Retreat. She enjoys reading, gardening, and writing children’s books. She is active in several senior programs in her area. She has 3 children, 13 grandchildren, and 21 great-grandchildren. Daisy has written 2 other children’s books, Arthur the Talking Goat and Arthur’s Friend Hazel the Hen . They are about real animals on the Bethlehem Retreat farm. Excerpts of each can be previewed at www.daisycromwell.com. What Do You Do With Your Hands at Night? is illustrated by Mrs. Cromwell’s grandson, Cameron Paxton, and Bethany Blankenship. Ages 2-6