Dead But Living - (Borrowed Life Series # 1)

ABOUT Varun Vashist

varun vashist
Varun.S.Vashist is a firm believer in destiny and does believe that every ordinary thing around us has an extraordinary story. These stories become the basis of his novels. Stories that are believable and that touch positively are the one that he likes and tries to convey the same through  More...



Price reduced from 2.99$ to 0.99$ for a limited period - Borrowed Life Series Part 1

When you cheat death, you feel lucky. But, Eric felt that something EVIL had saved him owing to his past. He had done all illegal things and never loved anyone. He knew that he had to re-pay whosoever had saved him because that's what he would have done.

To find the truth, he goes back to Glenville to meet Father Frederick who could guide him. Instead, he finds two explorers who are after a treasure in the village forests. He follows them.

No one had ever gone inside the forest and when he loses their track, he finds himself in unknown territory. However, he encounters something that tells him the truth about his losing their track and how he is linked with the two explorers.

what he sees is something not heard, not seen by anyone. He knows the truth but he can not reveal it to anyone.

His belief is shattered but does he come to know about the Treasure that they are behind?

Why he was cured? And What does the EVIL forces want from him?