Historical Fiction Time Travel: Hypersleep Event Paradox

ABOUT Aboubekr Boutaleb

Aboubekr Boutaleb
Aboubekr Boutaleb, known as Bob, graduated in Political Science from UCL London and lives in Kent, England with his wife.He  is the author of numerous articles dealing with a wide variety of subjects including fantasy and sci-fi genres.   



“A fantasy adventure full of action, suspense, and romance surrounding true historical events that helped shape the world.”

What would you do if you woke up 500 years in the future, only to build a life and later get launched back to your original time? That's exactly what happens to the alchemist, Madjid, in 1492. His exciting journey through time and space raises a number of questions in his own mind as well as the minds of those close to him during his adventures.

Join Madjid as he cracks the Philosopher's Stone mystery by transmuting ordinary iron into gold. When the Spanish Catholic Royals get news of the discovery, Madjid escapes with the help of Boabdil, the last Moorish King of Granada, across the Mediterranean to North Africa. With the help of Baba Aruj, the famous Barbary Corsair, he continues his journey to Iraq, where he tries to carry on with his work but is buried alive in an earthquake.

In 21st century Iraq during US involvement there, he is unearthed from a hidden cocoon by a missile intended for insurgent jihadists. Our hero is hospitalized and slowly recovers, only to find himself 500 years in the future. After adjusting to his new life in an unfamiliar time, he goes to sleep one night to wake back in 1492.

In this fantasy adventure, Madjid discovers secrets on the conflict of choice between the physical and metaphysical, encompassing space-time as we know it... and don't. Where (or when) will he wind up? Will he rediscover how to turn base metals into gold? And, most importantly, how was he able to travel in time? There's only one way to find out... join Madjid in his travels across worlds and through time.