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Jim Yackel is an author and Christian-Rock singer/songwriter/recording artist. His latest book is the suspense/thriller The Sleepwalkers was released in April 2014.  The revised, omnibus Christian/End Times Fiction The Wayfarers Complete Collection encompasses the three original books More...


A man who impersonates Elvis Presley for his living resides in the same small town that was the birthplace of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz author L. Frank Baum. We all know that flying monkeys were a part of the journey to the mythical Land of Oz, but could they also be demons straight from Hell? This Elvis impersonator thinks so, as he sees them in his dreams and visions and also in the tangible reality of the streets of the rustic village of Chittenango, New York. This man, named Jesse Same, has grown weary of the Elvis gig and desires to do something new with his music career. Likewise, he desires to have more time with his young son and that means wrestling him away from his manipulative and controlling ex-wife and her hard-driving new husband. They don't subscribe to Jesse's strong faith in Jesus and are troubled that the young son has developed his father's passionate love for the Lord. How far would the ex and her husband go to keep the young son from Jesse? Would the young boy put himself into great danger in order to be with his dad? As this man who is a dead-ringer for the King of Rock n Roll dreams prophetic dreams, the supernatural creeps through the cracks in the walls that separate it from the natural realm as those who are bound to this world may soon witness the end of the world as they know it. Will the man’s dreams and visions come to pass? Is there any hope for the individuals who appear in his dreams?

Jesse Same is a man who loves his young son Jeremy dearly, while not being able to solve the mystery of who is own father is. The dad and son share a love for Jesus, but Jesse's ex-wife and her hard-charging new husband do not share that faith and do everything in their power to strain the father/son relationship and keep Jeremy from pursuing the Lord. Jesse, who impersonates Elvis Presley for his living, has been blessed with the gift of prophetic dreams and visions. As America and the world stand at the precipice of the End of Days, these dreams and visions hold powerful significance and the gift may be shared by Jeremy as well! The story takes place in Chittenango, NY - the birthplace of L. Frank Baum who is the author the The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Jesse has seen flying monkeys and they are supernatural and not fictional, but who would believe him? A local Christian church is preaching a prosperity gospel that is tinged with Freemasonry, but who would stand with Jesse when after a particular dream one Sunday morning he is moved to confront the pastor while on the pulpit? Memories of Jesse's childhood haunt him as he sees and hears things that no one else can. As he is moved and used by God, demonic elements attack him, but will he be swayed? Will Satan use people from his past to derail him? Will young Jeremy put his own life in peril to have more time with his father? Will Jesse ever find a real, true love that will share his faith in Christ to the very end? While a separate story unto itself, this is a book that dovetails nicely into The Wayfarers Complete Collection. This is a gritty, earthy tale of God's love and how that love can be manifested through a humble albeit exceedingly talented man. As the world today is seeing so many End Times signs, Dead-Ringer is a must-read for all watchers on the wall as well as those who desire to know a real, true, fine love.


I was immediately pulled into this book. Its frightening, but inspirational with an element of realism. Jesse, and even his son, exhibit such strength, such faith. The relationship between the father and son will melt your heart. My favorite part about this book is the role and importance of Christ. Its not your typical Christian fiction. There's mystery and suspense and even a dose of action and romance. Its a book that simply won't disappoint. - Author Alliance







I loved this book. As a fan of Jim's Wayfarer's trilogy, I have been eagerly anticipating the release of his new book. It did not disappoint! This is my favorite so far. Dead Ringer definitely could be a companion book to the trilogy, but is a great stand alone as well. This isn't your grandmother's typical little sweet Christian fiction. It is peppered with very realistic speech from characters who are real to life in their actions and heart motives. both positive and negative. Once I started reading it, I didn't want to put it down. How anyone can manage to weave an Elvis impersonator in a setting of the hometown of the author of The Wizard of Oz and placed in an endtime's time frame, is beyond me... Jim not only does just that, but makes it work beautifully. I would highly recommend this book for oneself and for any family members or loved ones who need to be reached in a less orthodox manner with the message of redemption. - Amazon Customer Review



I've read Dead Ringer along with Jim's other books and this book is awesome. It has mystery, intrigue, some action and a little romance. I recommend before starting to read it you make yourself a pot of coffee or tea and find a comfortable place to sit. Once you start you won't want to put it down. It's almost like reading today's newspaper. Jim is a very gifted and talented writer as you will see when you read it. Also in it is the thread of redemption. I highly recommend buying this book, you won't be disappointed. - Amazon Customer Review


I enjoyed reading this story. As a fan of the Left Behind series, this is on a parallel with those. This book contains some profanity, however, so beware of that, but I would still recommend this book to anyone who likes this kind of story. (I received a copy of this book for my honest review). The Kindle Book Review, Amazon