The Sons of America

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers, Young Adult

By Jurgen Burgoyne

Publisher : Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.

ABOUT Jurgen Burgoyne

Jurgen Burgoyne
I was born in Denver, Co but grew up and graduated H.S. in Ludington, Mich. I joined the Marine Corps shortly afterward where I served on a worldwide basis under President Reagan. I then got into law enforcement and did that for a number of years, whereupon I bought into a small business w More...


Two families are changed forever after two horrific murders. Centering on the lives of the brothers in each family. The Sons of America is an explosive epic that depicts the struggle of modern life in the United States. 

The first family lives in a dysfunctional household with a drunk abusive father who terrorizes his family. After suffering for years, and in a moment of self preservation, the brothers decide that something must be done. During a violent episode against their mother, the two brothers take matters into their own hands and kill the father. The murder sets them on a path of self destruction where they join a group of domestic terrorists known as, "The Sons of America."

The second family are Puerto Rican immigrants living in New York City. The three central brothers are exposed to the mean streets where the eldest is killed by a miscreant. The middle brother, Rocco devotes his life to to law enforcement to avenge his lost brother. 

The lives of both siblings collide as the two patricidal brothers attempt to outrun justice after wreacking havoc across the country. Rocco becomes a member of the FBI where his team is tasked with bringing the Sons of America to justice. This thriller is packed with plenty of action and a well woven plot, and it invites readers into a world of urban violence, moral intrigue, and street justice.

This is an epic thriller and a joy for all adults who love a gritty in your face story. It truly is no holds barred, and it can be purchased at, or any online retailer or bookstore. 

I came up with this idea some years ago while at the bank drive-thru. As I looked out across the highway from the ATM, a vision came to me clear as day, and it evolved into the Sons of America. The vision I had is what I wrote in the prologue. It is dark and troubling to some, but what can I say? The rest of the story evolved over time and it has become an epic thriller.