Enabling Rural Population using ICT

Enabling Rural Population using ICT

ABOUT Rajabu Kitindi

Rajabu Kitindi
Rajabu Kitindi was born in Tanzania grew up in Dar es salaam, Tanzania. Obtained his bachelors of Science in IT 2004, later 2009 he obtained his Masters of Science in IT from KTH university, Stockholm, Sweden. He enjoys his subject IT, and he takes it as his hobby. His first book, "En More...



This book summaries efforts made in enhancing life of Rural Population through the use of Information and Communications Technology, part of ICT for Rural Development (ICT4RD) project. In this context, we will elaborate Telecommunications Systems Design and Implementations, Applications deployments, End user training & Capacity Building for Tanzania Rural Population, including some technical details of implementation. We will also summarize challenges and opportunities associated with these efforts in Rural Tanzania.