4sign (The 4sign Series)

4sign (The 4sign Series)

ABOUT Jane Hartshorn

Jane Hartshorn
Jane Hartshorn was born in Staffordshire, England and started to write at a very young age. Despite her passion for writing she became a Business Manager for many years until she finally returned to writing, publishing her first book, "Incoherent" which was originally wrote in 19 More...



In 1994 all traces of a genetics facility was wiped from existence. They were supposed to be conducting stem cell research.

In spring of 2013 a mutated animal is discovered. It has a partial DNA match to a child that was left abandoned on the steps of a church 23 years ago, it has a partial DNA match to an embryo that was documented as incinerated.

With the files now re-opened, the man responsible for freeing these experiments must now bring them together for their own safety... for the safety of mankind.

Fovank Technologies were not extracting stem cells for medical research... they were creating life.

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