Winter Rose

ABOUT Crystal Crichlow

Crystal Crichlow
Crystal Crichlow is an award winning author or YA/Fantasy fiction. She is a part-time dental assistant and has been a fan of fantasy fiction for years. She has one published novel with Solstice Publishing called, Winter Rose and two other books in the works. She lives in Ontario, Canada wi More...


In a universe as vast as it is mysterious, legends,and gods have existed, unknowingly to all humans for centuries. Protectors of heaven and earth, these ancient beings are dead set on preventing the ignition of a battle fought long ago. There's only one problem with that; the titan lords, who the young gods defeated in that battle. Their minions are gathering all the twisted, evil things they could find in an effort to spark the flame that would bring war to our world and over throw these powerful immortals. Their fate, and the fate of the universe now lies in the hands of a sixteen year old girl, Winter Rose. Winter loves the one who is destined to plunge our world into darkness. She is our salvation...but this love could be our end.