ABOUT Nick Haskins

Nick Haskins
Nick Haskins is the author of On the Edge of Heat, Jamal, and his latest novel, My Husband's Wife. Nick was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. His passion for writing began at a very young age. He completed his first book early 2009. He is actively working on his fourth novel, Betrayed, sche More...



The love triangle between a schizophrenic imposter and his two wives explodes in the final chapters of My Husband's Wife. Katie and Courtney thought they had it all until it all came crashing down right in front of their eyes.

Like Courtney, Katie believed she had a life that was tailored just for her, starting with a picture-perfect husband. But, the handsome, successful doctor known as Erick Reynolds was nothing more than a calculated, clever fraud that said I do one too many times. Matching wedding rings, identical SUV's, and two expensive brick homes purchased in the same neighborhood were all part of Erick's double life. He sold Katie and Courtney a dream that didn't belong to either of them--a dream he would confiscate without warning in an ending not even the wives could see coming.