Premonition (The Hayden Keller Trilogy) (Volume 1)

Mystery & Thrillers, Horror, General Fiction

By Michael Vaughn

Publisher : Powerhouse Press

ABOUT Michael Vaughn

Michael Vaughn
Michael is a Florida native which many have dubbed the blockbuster author. In addition to his screenwriting talents he has written full length novels in every genre you can imagine. Some of his latest releases include - Premonition, the first book in the Hayden Keller Trilogy. This paranor More...



Evil has a horrid face, and it has revealed itself once again. Supernatural forces reign supreme when a gifted palm reader, a girl of faith, a demonic serial killer and a man with two lives collide in the rural town of Chanceville. Heinous murders are being committed and Sheriff Baker is hell-bent on putting an end to it. This paranormal psycho thriller will have you looking over your shoulder as you turn the next page in order to gain a glimpse into the future. This is the first book in the Hayden Keller Trilogy - enjoy!

"Premonition" was made real to me thirteen years prior to writing the novel. Everyone I shared the story with sold me on the fact it would make a great movie. It didn't take long to realize it needed to be done in a three part series. The script was written years ago, but the project was placed on hold. Changes were taking place within the movie industry much like they are today in the book industry. Technical advancements and time constraints delayed it going into production, but it gave me time to craft the entire trilogy. Get my "Premonition" and you'll have the first part of the story. Hayden Keller is soon to become a household name.