Sapphire and Me

Sapphire and Me

ABOUT Anfal Khaliq

anfal khaliq
I'm a fourteen year old writer!



Jodie was the victim of her Dad's abuse at home, but things started getting even worse. Her life felt like it came crashing down on her when that girl came. The girl who always put her down, the girl who everyone feared, and her name was Sapphire. Sapphire was so popular but she had a reputation that really made her appear to others as a person who no one dared to come near. Jodie was the victim of Sapphire's remarks, but then things began to change. It took a lot of hard work, but Jodie found a way to find out the truth about Sapphire, and stand up for herself. She thought that now she had control, she was on top of the world ... but it lead to nothing but guilt. When Jodie finally got a chance to talk to Sapphire, she regretted what she had done immediately. How could she have been so horrible? But when they talked, Jodie felt an instant connection between them both ... something that made them both inseperable ...