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By Kenneth Morvant

Publisher : Beyond The Threshold

ABOUT Kenneth Morvant

Kenneth Morvant
A life long science fiction fan and author of speculative, horror, paranormal.



The world of the near future. Dictatorships still exist. One such place is America. The America of the past is not the America of the future.


Fear and uncertainty has led to a leader for life who has taken control of everything. Every business, private organization and even religion is under his control. The common apathy has led to austerity. Control is tenuous at best, but it will be maintained, at any and all costs.


Taylor Scott, scientist desires to turn his experience creating military technology into an ambitious humanitarian project that will alleviate the shortages and improve life for the citizens by creating a semi-intelligent beast of burden capable of performing agricultural tasks. Plentiful food, better quality of life for the citizens and reduced fossil fuel consumption are the benefits.


However, the leader for life has another plan, a sinister purpose for the beasts. His operatives on the inside modify the experiment and steal Taylor’s intellectual property to create a beast that is battle ready and can wield the power of the leader without reservation and with no remorse.




No, cold calculation.




No, total domination of the populace is within grasp.


Taylor continues the experiment with the help of fellow scientist, Christine Summers who shares his interests and their interest in each other grows. Unknown to them, their subject will not be the work beast they intended. No, he will be much more.


The experiment is a success, and their creation is not alone.


Taylor and Christine must now destroy what they have created. Pursued by their experiment and the leader, they join forces with the freedom fighters and help them win their liberty from tyranny and its unfeeling beasts of war.


Playing God has its consequences.

We face questions today that are complex and not as cut and dry as we might think. This book looks at how good intentions can result in bad consequences.

By Josh
Format:Kindle Edition
"Asterion" is the kind of novel that doesn't come around too often. But when it does, snatch it up. You'll be up until five a.m. Or longer. What drew me into this speculative techno thriller is the combination of realism and relatability. Taylor Scott's personality and values remind me of the wise sages I've met in church circles. But "Asterion" is anything but churchy. The character's faith is a mainstay of the novel, but the main event was the all-too-real conspiracy in the Big Brother setting. The idea that "Asterion" can actually happen tomorrow made me take it off the scifi shelf...and give it a home on the nonfiction one. If you want a peek at a dystopian future that many of today's pundits are prophesying, "Asterion" is the read for you

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