The Seventh Riddle episode 1

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

By Princessa Clendinen

Publisher : Just Believe Publishing Group

The Seventh Riddle episode 1

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Princessa Clendinen
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CHARLES DEVEAUX won the opportunity of a lifetime! An invitation to solve seven riddles and win one million dollars! He was sure that this was going to be the thing that would finally get him free from the life of hustle he has been leading all these years.

The event was hosted in New York, a place he hadn't been in 14 years but he would make this exception. After all, he did have the advantage. An investment firm run by seven of the most beautiful women in the world and the acquaintance of the one man who could solve any riddle! How could he lose?
He was absolutely convince that his time had come. Little did he know, that the past was making sure that it did!

Seven Riddles. That's all that stands between Charles Deveaux and the easy prize of $1 Million dollars. But, oh yes, there is also the matter of seven beautiful women who run the international investment firm that sponsors this contest. Once a debonair playboy, Charles is looking to retire soon. It was hard work wooing and winning the hands of damsels in distress everywhere. He was glad to be back home in the US where he was was born. With his upper hand he was sure to win. But could he get past the team of women, one of whom had it in for him?

I love how the cover of the book, The Seventh Riddle, compliments the content. I was actually intrigued with the cover at first and now that I've finished the book, I can honestly say that my intrigue tripled. What happens to the characters, I will never know... Well, not until the second book's released. It is a series, after all.

This, though, might not be much of a review but I love how The Seventh Riddle is set in New York. It's my all-time favorite city and this book just goes to show that gossiping high schoolers and wife-searching architects are not the only people who walk its busy streets.