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Keira D. Skye



Old school friends Sean, Jace, Katty and Jayden decide to fly down south for some fun at the playground of all Spring Break's – a luxurious beach resort in Florida named “Sea Treasures Resort.” Sean, Jace and Jayden have the time of their lives. Katty, on the other hand, has found a Spring Break love who can prove to be deadly! Among all of this going on, Jace befriends Tara – a Vampire Hunter who is out for her best friend's revenge! Will Katty get out of summer alive without dying for love? Will Sean, Jace and Jayden ever wake up from their hangovers to realize the Vampire Apocalypse that surrounds all around them? Will Tara and Jace be able to survive their blossoming romance without the constant interruption of having to kill pesty, bloodthirsty Vampires? Who will survive? And who will die? (Young Adult Fiction - Supernatural Romance)

WARNING: Some mature content included - Mild Profanity, Violence, and Alcoholic References

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