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By Deepak Menon

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Deepak Menon
http://www.lovelaughter.net/ QUOTING FROM THE TIMES OF INDIA - JANUARY 2013 :-  Deepak Menon, a banker with a difference,left his job as a senior officer in a commercial bank in India, a year ago, to write stories to delight and gladden the hearts of adults and children alike. He narrat More...



PICKWICK's PLAN -  A 2013 Readers Favorite International Book Awards Contest Winner -  - CEREMONY IN MIAMI ON 23RD NOVEMBER 2013 - MEET THE AUTHOR THERE! The author Deepak Menon from India writes:-

This book started out as a Bedtime story told by me to my little children around the year 1992-93 and remained in limbo until finally, I decided to retire very early from my profession as a senior bank officer to get these "Family Read Together" books published. It is my belief that the books will be loved for generations by young and old alike!. Pickwick's Plan begins with a Little Pixie Town on the edge of the enchanted Great Booga Dooga Forest near the Great Booga Dooga Lake in the enchanted Booga Dooga Land and revolve around the life and adventures of one of the smallest Pixies, Pickwick. The story was told chapter by chapter to my little children and evolved in its telling - there was the magic of playing with the words of the English language, and the emergence of different beings who have made the book a unique "Family Read Together" experience. Every line is original and every episode opens out new vistas. Two more books of the Tales of the Booga Dooga Land, 'The Wormus', and 'The Horus' have been published and will be followed by many other books in the series, with each being an independent book in itself.

Deepak Menon New Delhi

In the enchanted Booga Dooga Land is a little Pixie Town, where Pickwick, a little Pixie lives with his delightful smiling OctoDoll. Right from the time the OcotDoll had come alive by inadvertantly breaking the "Code of Dollus", Pickwick & the OctoDoll had been repeatedly thrust into life and death situations, where they had to battle formidable adversaries to save other creatures of the Booga Dooga Land, as well as even Pixie Town, the Silver Mountains and the entire Booga Dooga Land. Pickwick and the OctoDoll, rose to the occasion each time, and valiantly entered the fray even at the cost of their own lives, and used incredible "Plans" which only they could have made, to overcome their formidable adversaries and win the day. Like other creatures such as the Wormus, the Idearoolus Blick, Harky the Shark, and Wilful the wicked flowerfish, this tale also introduces a villainous adversary endowed with evil traits and seemingly insurmountable magical powers! Pickwick and the OctoDoll who had gone for a picnic to the incredible beautiful "Valley of the Singing Grass" were frozen by the Horus into statues and were on the verge of being gobbled up by the Horus, when they were rescued in the nick of time by the Silver Dragon! While all this action was going on, and while the Horus determinedly, followed them up to the Silver Dragon's cave high up in the Silver Mountains where they had taken refuge, even more original and exciting creatures like "In" and "Quisitive" as well as "Trans" and "Lucent" emerged in the Booga Dooga Forest. Finally the Horus was overcome just a moment before he would have crushed our heroes and gobbled them up. The Horus turns into .... aha .. that would be telling .. suffice it to say that this tale is so enchanting that the entire family will be delighted and will surely want to read it all together ....