Moon of Little Winter

Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Margaret Marr

Publisher : SynergEbooks

ABOUT Margaret Marr

Margaret Marr
Margaret Marr grew up in the mountains of western North Carolina where she spent her summers reading and making up romantic stories in her head. A healthy interest in the supernatural and unexplained led her to writing mystery, paranormal, horror, and young adult fiction laced with romanc More...



Chely Austin is still hurting from the death of her grandfather. He was the only family she knew. Her birth was the result of a one-night stand, so she never knew her father at all, and her mother disappeared from her life over twenty years ago. Whenever she had asked her grandfather about her mother, he would tell her only that she had left and no more.



Chely’s grandfather left her a big, spooky-looking house no one had ever lived in even though it was furnished right down to the towels in the bathrooms. Still the house couldn’t replace her grandfather and loneliness crept in ... until the night Ty Walker broke in claiming half the property it was built on belonged to his grandmother.


Ty Walker has spent his life as a loner, never getting too close to anyone because of a special gift passed down from his grandmother. He didn’t figure any woman would hang around once they found out he was a male witch who could shift into a wolf. So his plans were to buy a portion of his grandmother’s property, resell it to give her a comfortable life, and get back out of town as quickly as possible.


When the skeletal remains of children turn up on the property, Ty and Chely begin to fear their grandparents have kept a grisly secret for years, a secret Ty and Chely have blocked from their memory. They unknowingly release the witch from the binding spell, and must now remember what happened all those years ago before the witch regains her full power and draws them into a trap that could end both their lives.