Those Who Walk Among Us

Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Margaret Marr

Publisher : SynegEbooks

ABOUT Margaret Marr

Margaret Marr
Margaret Marr grew up in the mountains of western North Carolina where she spent her summers reading and making up romantic stories in her head. A healthy interest in the supernatural and unexplained led her to writing mystery, paranormal, horror, and young adult fiction laced with romanc More...



A race of angels called the Ancients believe Sally Ann Myers can defeat Xaphan, or at least slow him down, but they won’t be sure until she passes the ultimate test—a test she’s not aware of. She became an angel after death to watch over Rick Stanton, keeping him safe from all harm, whether she’s allowed to or not. She loved him in life and that love carried over into death. And as far as she’s concerned, Rick is her only assignment.



John Barnes, an angel who made it to the highest rank and lost it all after one fatal mistake, is sent to keep Sally Ann safe until the Ancients know for sure she’s the right woman to go against Xaphan. John’s second chance turns into a nightmare as he falls in love with Sally Ann and tries to keep her from breaking all the rules to protect Rick. One slip-up and they could be demoted to ghost status, leaving the world to the mercy of Xaphan.


A spooky graveyard, a ghostly girl, a peculiar old woman, and demons in black-hooded robes help draw John and Sally Ann toward a sinister climax, and it’ll take all their strength and knowledge to beat back the darknes and remain in the light.