Don't Be Afraid of Heaven

General Fiction

By Clint Adams

Publisher : Credo Italia

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Clint Adams
Clint Adams, an advocate for those seeking purpose, is now marketing Live & Learn, A Retiree's Guide to Keep Going (spiritual self-help for seniors), written for ambitious and career-driven retirees and near-retirees who now ask, "What's Next?"   Prior to this book of no More...


Don't Be Afraid of Heaven
• is currently ranked in the Top Ten in Korea (Teen: Visionary Fiction) for the 10th-straight month.
• is a teen novel published by Credo Italia on June 30, 2005.
• is being distributed in the U.S. by Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and in the U.K. and Europe by Bertrams, Gardners and other wholesalers/distributors.
• is the sequel to the teen novel, Fear Ain't All That.

cover copy

Who wouldn’t want to be fearless? After overcoming a fear-filled life, 13-year old Miguel Estes meets Samantha in his newly-founded after-school group, F.A.A.T. (Fear Ain’t All That).

With the help of e-mail and instant messages, Samantha and Miguel become best friends; together they uncover life’s most potent and debilitating fear while sprinting their way to freedom.
January 31, 2008

Miguel Estes has been born with a rare genetic skin disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa, or E.B. for short. Unsure of how much time he has left to live, his Aunt Shirley has helped him develop a To Do list - a place to keep track of all of the things he is afraid to try. She believes that it is necessary to conquer these fears to lead a more enriched existence. This certainly helps to motivate him and in spite of his daily struggles, keeps him in high spirits, after all, he can't let his aunt down. When his mother chooses to move in with her husband, Hunt, Miguel decides it is best for him to move in with his father, even though this means starting a new school, and changing doctors as well.

Aunt Shirley decides that when school starts, Miguel should start up an after-school program called F.A.A.T. or Fear Ain't All That. She thinks that this will be a good way for him to get to know new students, and help them realize that life is what you make it, and fears are all relative. Thankfully he already has the support of his new best friend Samantha, his nurse's niece. And there is no one that needs F.A.A.T. or Miguel’s help more than she does.

This book was a rollercoaster ride, and it was so wonderful to read a book that was sure to inspire children and adults alike. We all fear something, but we need to look past all of that and make a To Do List - I believe it would help us all stay positive, and realize that there really is nothing to fear, anything can be overcome, even death. Thank you, Clint, for opening my eyes, and I think you will do the same for many people in the future.

--Tracee Gleichner, (Manitowoc, Wisconsin)