Letters to Padre Pio

ABOUT Orest Stocco

Orest Stocco
Introducing Georgian Bay Author, Orest Stocco Born with a spiritual restlessness that could not be tamed by my Christian faith, I became a spiritual seeker when I discovered reincarnation in Plato's Dialogues at the age of fifteen. I grew up in a small town in North Western Ontario, and at More...



How does one talk to an Ascended Spiritual Master who has the consciousness of all knowing and all seeing? Surprisingly, Orest Stocco talks to him like a spiritual companion; and his private letters begin as earthy caterpillars that are transformed by the alchemy of his special relationship with St. Padre Pio into little butterflies of the Soul that gently fly to Heaven for the saint's compassionate counsel. LETTERS TO PADRE PIO is an unexpected little tour de force.