The Wolf of the Highlands - Episode 1-4

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Senserial Publishing

Publisher : Senserial Publishing

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Ray Barrett is a man struggling to forget a life that brought him nothing but heartache and disappointment. He seeks solace in the mountains where he encounters a lone wolf who begins to follow him.

Little does he know that this wolf is not what he appears to be, but someone who will take him on a quest through different experiences that span vast periods of time; experiences that will teach him valuable lessons about himself and life.

The Wolf of the Highlands by Bil Howard is an interesting fantasy story with a very complex and unique concept.

The story is about a man in modern times who takes a hike into the wilds to calm his troubled mind. So why is it that he still feels empty? What do his very strange dreams mean? Or are they dreams at all? And why does a wolf keep following him? These are the questions that his story raises towards the initial part of the book.

Despite the complexity I found it impossible to stop reading the book till it ended as I wanted all the questions raised desperately. As the writing style was good and mature, with no spelling or grammatical errors detectable, I enjoyed the ride.

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