Violent Disorder

ABOUT Mark Barry

Mark Barry
Mark Barry has been a writer since childhood. Later, fifteen years passed writing bids (downloading a record £20m in funding) before the inevitable mid-life soul-search. Result? A switch in focus. Surfing the new wave of Independent publishing, he used his undoubted talent to write seve More...



Violent Disorder is the much-anticipated sequel to Green Wizard’s best-selling Ultra Violence.

This book - written for adults - contains scenes of threat, opinions likely to offend, earthy dialogue, incessant foul language and relentless, sometimes extreme, scenes of urban violence.

Let’s HAVE It…

"The tall one advances toward me, grinning, all denim jacket and faded jeans.
He wants it, I can tell.
This knowledge makes me content. It fills me with calm. Equilibrium.
As he approaches, a sense of certainty descends that this upcoming scenario is somehow, meant to be.
There is a mutual acceptance.
A tacit agreement that extreme violence is about to take place, that punches will be thrown, that blood will be spilled, and that one of us is going to be hurt, possibly quite badly.
Maybe very badly, indeed."

The Bully Brothers.

Forty-something football hooligans determined to go straight.
A young Internet writer charts their progress to becoming good citizens amidst the absolute economic chaos that is the UK. Food shortages. Zero hour contracts. Dangerous packs of homeless roaming the streets. Cancer victims forced to work for dole. Panicked offspring poisoning elderly parents to avoid spiralling care costs.

Twenty quid for the flicks, three fifty a pint, and eight quid a packet of fags.
You don’t know whether to wear a parka to go shopping or slap on sun block.

The writer takes their confession. Old war stories. Terrace myths and fables. Sins of Ultra Violence two decades old carried out on train stations, motorway services, and the High Streets of towns like Hounslow, Rotherham and Peterborough.

Will they succeed in going straight? Can they resist the carnage planned for the last match of the season against Coventry?
Or will they drag the young writer down with them.