We the Separate Together

ABOUT Jaye Viner

Jaye Viner
Jaye is a writer of experimental novels of literary and historical merit. Born in Kobe Japan, Jaye was destined for a life of wandering both physically and mentally. She can only remain home two to three months at a time before wanderlust takes over. It has yet to be discovered how fully t More...



The Pyramid is the tool the Minister of Justice uses to punish violators of the Unclean Law. Most do not live long afterwards. Those that do are the marked ones, living isolated, and waiting for death.

Coming face to face with such brutality, the Mistress Regent Anselma, finds herself in a world she has never known where the half-blood witches are not extinct, the legends of the bear descendants still speaking the ancient tongue and living in hidden underground villages are true, and the shaved bodies of her father’s lesser citizens are shackled on display as living art.

Cohorts able to see in the deepest night terrorize the capital city, targeting government neighborhoods with vandalism and kidnapping officials’ wives. The women return pregnant with half-breed babies. It is illegal to carry them to term. When Anselma is kidnapped her fate becomes the same as her people.