Greta Gumboot's Christmas To Remember

Children's Books, Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Lee Pritchett

Publisher : chipmunkapublishing

Greta Gumboot's Christmas To Remember

ABOUT Lee Pritchett

Lee Pritchett
I'm an author of magical tales for children. Dragon riding, fairy magic, talking animals, fun and adventures included. I also write magical children's rhyming stories which are also included in my three story collections.All of my books are published by chipmunkapublishing.


This is a wonderful, illustrated Christmas tale that I'm sure will be loved for many years to come by both children and adults.
....Tonight was Christmas Eve and Greta Gumboot the good witch was wearing her special red suit, purple snow boots and white pointed hat over her shoulder length red hair. As the frosty flakes fell deep and thick in the woodland outside Greta Gumboot took a very special sack, made of soft, red Velvet out of her wardrobe. Her great uncle had given it to her when she was a young girl.