Phantom: Queen of the Road (Volume 1)

Phantom: Queen of the Road (Volume 1)

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Amelia Painter
Amelia Painter is an author, Internet Marketing Profesisonal, and photographer.  She is a Literary & Social Media Coach for select emerging authors.   



It's a love story. It's a moving and inspirational memoir about a man and a dog. As an animal activist and foster parent for dogs that need to be socialized before they can be offered for adoption Lee Youde was careful not to become too attached to the animals placed in his care, that is until he met Phantom. From the moment their eyes first met, Youde felt a strong need to help the homeless dog running free on the prairie, but dangerously close to a state highway. This first book in the Phantom series, tells the true story of how Phantom was saved from a "shoot-to-kill" order. In a fast-paced adventure series, with a thoughtful mixture of fact and fiction, the additional books in the series tell the stories of the brave and resourceful dog that took shelter under a highway bridge, and became known as the phantom dog of Clay County.