Wetland and Other Stories

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Horror, General Fiction

By Robin Ray

Publisher : All Things That Matter Press

ABOUT Robin Ray

Robin Ray
Robin Ray was born on the sunny island of Trinidad in the West Indies. He came to the U.S. when he was 12. It was long before he had an affinity for both writing and music. He studied nursing from Elizabeth Seton College and English from Iowa State University. Even though his life work has More...



Wetland & Other Stories, a collection of three novellas and eight short stories, is an unflinching glimpse into some of the issues at work today. With its backdrop of the Pacific Northwest, these modern tales conjoin themes such as hope, drug abuse, homelessness and redemption. Running the gamut from general narrative to crime to horror, Wetland & Other Stories is sure to please those with a taste for variety and an affinity for contemporary fast-paced fiction.

Seattle wasn't exactly love at first sight. With the general greenness everywhere, plethora of unfashionable people dotting the landscape and streets whose names illogically disappear when you cross them, it was a bit of a challenge to admire. Then, slowly, I came to appreciate the city's quirkiness. It was, after all, welcoming to someone like me who is known for his quirks. Eventually, I learned to love and was fascinated by this evergreen pasture and just had to write about it.

"A little of everything, like tapas for the brain. Short stories are good, novellas are really good. Like being able to run the spectrum of emotions in one book - a satisfying read. " Cary Terra, owner of Terra Therapy.