Forgive and Forget 2: Love's Anguish (Short Story #2)

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Tramaine Green
Tramaine Green is a twenty-eight year old native of Dallas, Texas. She currently resides in Irving with her three-year old daughter and husband of four years. She has always been writing since her teenage years. The love of writing began by creating a newsletter and then developed more as  More...


What does the word mean?
Some people toss it around and don't mean it
Some say it without realizing what it really and truly means to love
& Some actually know what it means to truly love a person with every
fiber of their being. They go through the the suffering, tears, and heartache
because they believe in the power of love.

Chardae, Jacob, Kim, Chris, Cherlene, Corbin, Denise, and Jason are back with another heart wrenching tale of what it means to forgive, possibly forget, to gain love only to lose it again, to trust only to have that trust shattered. Take a look into their lives and see how and if they overcome their obstacles. Maybe you can a learn a lesson or two from them.

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