My Weird Family Series: My Vampire Cousin

Children's Books, General Fiction, Humor

By J. K. Hawkins

Publisher : Lily Ruth Publishing

ABOUT J. K. Hawkins

J. K. Hawkins
  J. K. Hawkins is a thirteen-year-old author from Northeast Texas. She is a first time children’s book writer who developed her most notable character, Alice, at the young age of eight. Since then she has written twenty stories for the My Weird Family Series, the first of which is My V More...


Spooky Castle, Fangs, Caped Man…
It all equals one thing…vampire! Alice Trivett, an average 12-year-old, stumbles into extraordinary circumstances when she wanders too far into the woods behind her house. With the babysitter distracted, Alice just can’t resist the urge to explore where her mother told her never to go. Trouble is sure to follow when Alice stumbles upon an old castle and decides to investigate.
As Alice wanders the castle, she discovers she is not alone. A creepy man with a cape is trailing her, and he introduces himself as her cousin! It doesn’t take her long to figure out that this so-called cousin of hers is a vampire, and he’d like to invite her to be his dinner!
From this point on in My Weird Family SeriesTM: My Vampire Cousin, Alice is a loveable little girl who just can’t escape her kooky family. Join her as she discovers the identities of her monster family members, dodges fangs, and searches for the way out of the Monster World.
The Midwest Book Review:

Sometimes when your parents don't mention your family, it may be for the best. "My Vampire Cousin" tells the story of Alice, a twelve year old curious about her family history. When she ventures where her mother told her not to go, she soon finds that her relatives are not exactly what you would call normal, or even alive... "My Vampire Cousin" is a fine introduction to author J.K. Hawkins' spooky world. Also available and highly recommended is the sequel, "My Werewolf Brothers".

Reader Views

Reviewed by Brenna Bales (age 11) for Reader Views (3/09)

This exceptional novel by J.K Hawkins is both thrilling and humorous. The outstanding storyline, along with the main theme of the story, create a tale that I know many kids will really enjoy reading.

The story's main character, Alice, is strong, and confident, and smart. This is what all kids look for in a fairy-tale. They can easily imagine themselves as the character, fighting off the vampires, and reacting to finding out that their whole family is made up of mythical creatures. This book is probably for children ages 8-10, but any kid who loves a great adventure story will adore this book.

In the story, Alice finds out that her family is not only dead, but the living dead! As she escapes from all the vampire teeth coming at her, she discovers that no matter what types of creatures your family is made up of, you can still love them. It is a superb work of fiction that any child will find irresistible to put down.

The overall plot of the book is very intriguing, and kept my attention throughout. It did have some parts that went a little too fast, or confused me as to what was happening. No book is perfect though, and it amazes me that the author is only 12-years-old! Her writing is stunning!

The cover of the book looks very spooky, but that famous saying to not judge a book by its cover applies here nicely. The book was very captivating, and J.K. Hawkins is an amazing author.

I am really looking forward to reading the rest of this series, and any of the other books that she has written. I give "My Weird Family Series: My Vampire Cousin" by J.K. Hawkins a 5 out of 5.

   My Weird Family is about a young girl of twelve who finds out that her long-lost relatives are in fact, monsters. The story portrays Alice Trivett as a true adventurer with a quick wit and attractive personality. After stumbling accidentally-on-purpose into a haunted castle, she comes across her vampire cousin and learns things about her family that she hadn’t known before. Alice has to decide whether she has enough curiosity to continue on the path of monsters and vampires or to return back to the human world, something that no one has ever been able to do before.


            J.K Hawkins’ has a very developed and hilarious writing style. Her story, My Weird Family, reminds me of the types of stories that made me fall in love with reading when I was younger. Although targeted at a slightly younger audience than myself, her quick one-liners would make even the oldest of readers smile if only for a moment. All of her fictional characters have realistic personalities with quirks and pet peeves. It is these types of traits that make one story stand out more than others. My Weird Family is definitely a stand-out kind of story.


            J.K Hawkins is a first time children’s book writer who created her first character, Alice, at the age of eight. She is now the author of the, My Weird Family Series, which includes twenty stories, including My Vampire Cousin. Her favourite hobbies include writing and playing soccer.


            In conclusion, My Vampire Cousin, is creatively written and inspires the imagination of it’s readers. Highly Recommended, for young readers who want a memorable read that will inspire their own creativity.


Nicole Harris, Allbooks Reviews