Derek the Daredevil

ABOUT Dennis Spalding

Dennis Spalding
Late-blooming author who has written and self-published an illustrated children's book, Derek the Daredevil, and a mystery-thriller novel, Lazarus Man: Resurrection. Spalding began writing stories about his neighborhood friends when he was twelve. His poetry and nonfiction were published  More...



Derek the Daredevil likes to perform dangerous stunts in front of an audience. He gets lots of attention when he shows off. Can his dad find a way to make Derek feel good about himself before he gets hurt? 

In this delightful rhyming children’s story, Derek learns a valuable lesson about self-worth and the importance of playing safely. This illustrated book combines an enchanting tale with a positive message for kids.

My son, Derek Neil Spalding, provided the inspiration for this story more than twenty years ago, when he was two years old. I took him to a local carnival, and we rode the double ferris wheel. We stopped at the very top while people on the ground got off the ride and others got on. I was looking around, admiring the view, when I felt the seat beneath us start to shake. I turned my head and saw that Derek was not only standing up on the seat, he was jumping up and down! I grabbed him and said, “Sit down, Derek, you little daredevil!” I immediately thought to myself, Derek the Daredevil. That sounds like a great title for a children's book...