ABOUT S.R. Claridge

S.R. Claridge
S.R.Claridge is a suspense novelist most known for her plot twists and interwoven humor.  Nominated for the 2010 Molly Award, the 2013 Pushcart Prize Award and receiving the 2011 Pen Award, Claridge uses her background in theatre and degree in psychology to help her weave a story that tak More...



Swerving with the kind of deliberate precision only blind
rage can empower, the black pick-up crushes Kansas
Oil Tycoon, Lou Miller, leaving Miller’s widow with
an impossible choice: Cover the sin that led to
her husband’s death and conceal the identity of his
killer, or risk the destruction of her family. She carefully
weaves a net of protection around her family, but the day
she dies it begins to unravel, leaving her grandson, Tom,
and his wife in grave danger. Racing to piece together the family secret before anyone else dies, private investigator, Stephen Braznovich, finds
himself trapped between white lies and dark lusts.
As secrets unfold Tom must decide between a
confession that could save his marriage or lie to save
himself. Tension mounts as Tom and Kate’s lives hang
in a twisted balance of crossed lines and misunderstood
motives, all pointing to one simple truth…
There is No Easy Way.