The Mutatio Project

ABOUT J.A. Garland

J.A. Garland
J.A. is a full time firefighter in the state of California, an addicted trail runner, a connoisseur of all things cheese puff, and a urban fantasy author. When she isn't slogging through the obstacles at a mud run, you can find her hunched over her computer unleashing demons, vampires, and More...


Hiding in plain sight is a skill that Lucia has learned to perfect. Born with extraordinary Otherkind talents that could be considered both a blessing and a curse, Lucia is one of the rare few of her kind, and as such, she is a prize that the Shadows find they just can't resist...

Reviews for The Mutatio Project:
"Garland's characters are likeable, believable and easy to relate to. I strongly connected to the predicaments of Zeke and Lucia, particularly their personal vulnerabilities and concerns about becoming involved with the other given their "brokenness." They felt very human, even with their paranormal powers. The author's voice really shines through in the story. She has an unusual way of describing people and their emotions, which really worked for me." Romance Reviews Submitted by Authors, ~Reviewed by Sabrina Devonshire ~