Messenger of Three Fates (Fantasy/Adventure)

ABOUT Russell Allen

Russell Allen
When I was 12, my family drove for three days to the World's Fair in Vancouver. Since the iPhone had not been invented, I was forced to read. I picked the "Elf Stones of Shannara" by Terry Brooks and fell in love with his fantasy novels. I've wanted to write something similar to  More...



When a young Messenger abandons his suicide mission to run behind enemy lines, he discovers a path to control the future and become king. He breaks into the temple of the Three Fates and steals the witches’ power over destiny. While waiting for the perfect moment to claim the kingdom, his mind begins to dissolve, destroying its link to reality.

As the Messenger’s control further erodes, he has a vision—all of his plans to overtake the kingdom will result in his wife’s death. He stops interfering with the future and devises a strategy to save her. Over time, the Messenger’s spinning emotions win out, and he gives up the fight, hoping to recover his mind. Surrendering saves his wife but places his unborn son in danger. He begins again, setting the future to ensure their safety, and place his boy as king.