Keeper of Reign (Reign Fantasy)

Young Adult, Middle Grade, Christian Books

By Emma Right

Publisher : Telemachus Press

ABOUT Emma Right

emma right
CSAHM Young adult book and children's books author//publisher (Keeper of Reign and Dead Dreams series) and pet lover


Books written in blood. Most are lost, their Keepers with them. A curse that befell a people. A Kingdom with no King. Life couldn’t get more harrowing for the Elfies, a blend of Elves and Fairies. Or for sixteen-year-old Jules Blaze. Or could it?
For Jules, the heir of a Keeper, no less, suspects his family hides a forgotten secret. It was bad enough that his people, the Elfies of Reign, triggered a curse which reduced the entire inhabitants to a mere inch centuries ago. All because of one Keeper who failed his purpose. Even the King’s Ancient Books, did not help ward off that anathema.
Now, Gehzurolle, the evil lord, and his armies of Scorpents, seem bent on destroying Jules and his family. Why? Gehzurolle’s agents hunt for Jules as he journeys into enemy land to find the truth. Truth that could save him and his family, and possibly even reverse the age-long curse. Provided Jules doesn't get himself killed first.

What inspired you to write your first book? When I first heard the Switchfoot song , "Meant to Live" (for so much more) it got me thinking about how far short many of us fall from our true potential. The trials and troubles of this world reduce us, and for me, most days, I feel overwhelmed, and it feels that the troubles of this world is so big. Too big. That was what Jules Blaze, the protagonist of Keeper of Reign felt. but he persevered and even though things did get worse for him, he never gave up. He kept trying and that's the message I would like young people to realize. If you keep trying, you will succeed. And that's what inspired me to write Keeper of Reign, to show young people that it's okay to feel small, but in the end, they can overcome this feeling and triumph in life.

Keeper of Reign is now a Finalist in the 2013 Readers' Choice Award!

"Exciting new author, Emma Right, ignites an electrifying new series with spine-tingling action and thrilling suspense!"

Keeper  of  Reign  is  a  book  in  the  rich  tradition  of  fantasy  novels  like  Lord  of  the  Rings.  The  novel  has cliffhangers  at  the  end  of  each  chapter,  which  makes  it  impossible  to  stop  reading.  Young  adult readers  who  are  fans  of  Lord  of  the  Rings  should  make  this  book  an  addition  to  their  reading  lists. Fans  of  the  spiritual  and  allegorical  elements  of  C.S.  Lewis  novels  will  also  enjoy  this  book.  

Pacific Book Reviews

The story is well-written with characters who are complicated and often conflicted about their choices in considering the consequences of their actions. From page one, the story leaps into action never resting until the end with definite foresight of a possible sequel.

Keeper of Reign is a wonderful story for all ages as they join Jules on his quest to save his people.

Midwest Book Review 

Indie Book of the Day Award Winner