Prisoner of Reign: Young Adult/ Middle Grade Adventure Fantasy (Reign Fantasy, Book 2) (Reign Adventure Fantasy Series)

Prisoner of Reign: Young Adult/ Middle Grade Adventure Fantasy (Reign Fantasy, Book 2) (Reign Adventure Fantasy Series)

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emma right
CSAHM Young adult book and children's books author//publisher (Keeper of Reign and Dead Dreams series) and pet lover



  • From Award Winning, Best-Selling Author, Emma Right, comes Prisoner of Reign, book 2 in the top selling fantasy series for teens and pre-teens. 
    Following the story of the bestselling children fiction, Keeper Of Reign, this novel promises children a fantasy adventure as the mystery and saga continues in the magical realm of Reign. Jules Blaze can't be happier now that he's found his family after all the trials and tribulations. Yet, he is still burdened by the task of looking for the crown. 
    Daunted, he wonders how he can look for something lost and dashed to pieces hundreds of years ago, and feared gone for good. Without the crown, his people will never be able to reverse the curse upon them. They would forever remain an inch tall and subject to the evil of Gehzurolle, his army of Scorpents and agents of deceit. Worse, Jules is weighed by guilt over Saul, his friend Miranda's grandfather, who died in the fire from which they barely escaped. 
    When he glimpses a figure that could pass for the dead Saul, Jules wonders if he has seen a ghost. Investigating the situation leads him down a road of one peril after another. He first loses his friend, Miranda, to Sekt, Gehzurolle's agent. Sekt is a mastermind of manipulation. Unbeknownst to Jules, Sekt wields a secret weapon that will destroy all Elfies before they can find a way to the Point. 
    Will his subtle schemes finally drive the Elfie race to extinction, and Sekt win the favor of Gehzurolle, his master? Will Jules stay true to his calling and turn his back on his friends as he seeks out the Crown? 
    Children who have enjoyed the Chronicles of Narnia and Hobbit stories will enjoy this epic novel in this top selling young adult fantasy series by best Christian author, Emma Right. Read the first book, Keeper Of Reign, first. Keeper makes an excellent read-aloud and has won multiple book awards for best young adult fantasy, best children Christian fantasy and best teen and pre-teen fantasy, and Prisoner is bound to follow suit. Check emmaright dot com for more information.
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  • Keeper of Reign of the Reign Fantasy adventure series promises mystery and supernatural action adventure for readers 10-17. Set in the magical Kingdom of Reign, this teen fantasy series has been on the Kindle Amazon best sellers list  since it was launched. Today is reigns high on the Christian fantasy and children's fantasy best sellers charts on Amazon. Grab this free young adult fantasy now and enjoy this epic fantasy about the magical people of the Kingdom of Reign. 
    Any teen or pre-teen who loves supernatural adventure fantasy will enjoy this fast-paced epic saga filled with mystery and suspense.  This award winning novel has won multiple literary awards. Be su