The Tiger (the Donkey and the Wall)

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J. L. Lawson
I am a father, a grandfather and a "Came-to-Writing-Professionally-Late-in-Life" kinda guy. After rewarding careers as a Land Planner, Standards Engineer, Technical Writer/Graphic Designer, and as an Educator (High School and College Literature/Composition) I settled down at the  More...


Adventure >>Fantasy >>Metaphysical

"Lost and found..."
The Tiger chronicles the Livingson generations of the twentieth century as they make their stand in their world; fighting ignorance and prejudice with uncommon clarity and daring. All the while illustrating the secrets to defeating the great devourers of human achievement, sleep and death. The conclusion of the Livingson saga, which brings the dialogs between the host and his guests, and the lives of the Livingsons, full circle. Finally bringing new light to the eternal question: What is reality? And showing clearly just what the world would be like if such amazing lineages existed.