The Crumbling Brick: The Land of Neo (Book 1)

ABOUT JoHannah Reardon

JoHannah Reardon
JoHannah Reardon has been a writer and editor for over 20 years. She is a regular contributor to and has written numerous novels, an adult and a family devotional, and a children's fairy tale series. 



Ella is a bored, inner-city girl trying to fill the long, monotonous days of her summer vacation. As she keeps a promise to her mother to clean the cellar, she discovers a crumbling brick behind an old trunk. Even though it’s raining outside, sunlight pours through the opening. Intrigued, she chips away at the brick to find the source of the light. To her astonishment, she finds another land beyond her cellar wall, gripped in the freshness of spring. In the land of Neo, she makes new, unusual friends, discovers breathtaking beauty, and learns of Kosmeo who will guide and direct her during all of her adventures. She discovers Kosmeo has brought her here for a purpose. Princess Onyma must choose a suitor who will eventually rule all of Neo. Many of the citizens of Neo are threatened during this perilous time of choice between good and evil. Can Ella save this beautiful kingdom from disaster? THE CRUMBLING BRICK is told in the tradition of C. S. Lewis's and George MacDonald's fairy tales.

I wrote this book for my little girl who loved fairy tales and couldn't get enough of them. But I also wrote it as an analogy, with C. S. Lewis and George MacDonald as inspiration. And as they have also said, this book is not only for children, but for those who are young at heart.

I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful flow of this vibrant and imaginative story. The author's descriptive words carried me to a world of kings, queens, fairy tale creatures, and adventure. I could imagine each character, as well as the colorful surroundings. It is fun to immerse myself in another world for awhile. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy tales. - E. Mason

I love reading my kids stories like this. It has imagination, beautiful scenes and a story that keeps them wanting more. The characters were believable and the fast paced story keeps your interest. I give high praise to this author for crafting a such an engaging tale. Highly recommend. - Mary Lee


This book teaches you that you cannot always believe what someone tells you. Now that I read this book I have a better imagination. I LOVE this book because it is magical and romantic. - Heather